Mark Lenover


  Wandering Stars (2016)

Genres: Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Folk, Protest, Electronica

Themes: Debt and Slavery, Celebrity Culture, Materialism, Abuse, Psychology

 We’re In Motion Pictures (2014)

Genres: Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Folk

Themes: Consumer Culture, Celebrity Culture, Materialism, Mass Marketing, Self-Worth and Independence

Signs of Violence (2013)

Genres: Dark Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Electronic

Themes: Consumer Culture, Celebrity Culture, Social Responsibility, Poverty, Gender Roles, Religion

The Wreckage (2012)

Genres: Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Alt-Rock

Themes: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Cultural/Psychological Alienation, Alcoholism, Depression and Self-Harm, Misconceptions and Misrepresentations of Mental Illness and the Mentally Ill

Dead the Beast, Dead the Poison (2010)

Genres: Dark Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Electronic, Theatrical

Themes: Mental Illness and Psychosis, Party Culture, Alcoholism, Break-Ups, Abusive/Dysfunctional Relationships, Religion, Literature

Shambles (2010)

Genres: Garage Rock, Grunge, Post-Punk

Themes: Party Culture, Consumerism, Depression, Cultural Alienation, Dysfunctional Relationships, Gender Roles, Writer’s Block

Obliterate (2009)

Genres: Garage Rock, Grunge, Post-Punk

Themes: Break Ups, Celebrity Culture, Party Culture, Consumerism, Alcoholism, Mental Illness, Dysfunctional Relationships

Safe as Houses (2008)

Genres: Synth-Pop, Alt-Pop, Experimental

Themes: Coming of Age, Social Commentary, Religion, Mental Illness, Death

The Girl in the Window (2007)

Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock, Alt-Pop, Art Rock, Theatrical

Themes: Gender Roles, Sexual Politics, Misogyny, Abusive Relationships, Psychosis and Psychopathy

Every Time It Rains (2007)

Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock, Folk, Art-Rock

Themes: Worker’s Rights, Romantic Disillusionment, Addiction, Religion, Morality, Violence and its Consequences

The Arsonists (2006)

Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock, Alt-Pop, Folk, Art-Rock, Theatrical

Themes: Religion, Reflection and Self-Examination, Abuse, Tragedy, Mental Illness, Urban Blight

The Retributionists (2006)

Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock, Alt-Pop, Folk Rock, Theatrical

Themes: Religion, Tragedy, Social and Political Upheavel, Grief and Regret