Mark Lenover


“‘Ghosts Walk in Dreams’ draws in elements of art pop and horror-film soundtracks to create a mesmerizing, yet spine-chilling track – like a child’s music box that begins to play on its own accord.


“Lenover delves into several genres including experimental, electronic and rock during Signs of Violence but the songs sound connected. Perhaps the most important aspect is that these songs whether they are guitar based or built from electronic components are essentially pop songs. Lenover has more than one vocal melody that is sure to get stuck in your head.”


“'[When] ‘The Wreckage’ is listened to objectively it feels accomplished, intricate, personal, confident in its sound and lyrically confused and seeking answers, in much the same way that so many people in their 20s try to make sense of the world and its strange unsettling ways and seeming lack of a set plan.”
“’The Wreckage’ is a commanding and intense chronicle of the human condition in general.”


“Mark Lenover, whose hand-crafted (though not ‘home-spun’ sounding) ambitious indie pop seems to be bursting at the seams with interesting ideas.”
“Unexpected arrangements, dreamy harmonies, thoughtful melancholy, the occasional face-slap of a lyric and a classic sound that occasionally echoes a younger Neil Young without ever sounding derivative, The Wreckage is as experimental as it is pure pop.”
“There are unsettling moments and broken pieces, as well as some pockets of genuine beauty”


“Mark appears to have a diabolical sound that seems to resonate throughout the entire album.”
“I have to hand it to Mark Lenover because this is one insanely original piece of work”


“Sonically falling somewhere between Neil Young and Pink Floyd, with modern synths and electronic rhythms, and lyrically comparable to Leonard Cohen, this is compelling and unique art.”
“despite its oppressive source material, Mark lines the atmosphere with silver; the emotional residue of listening to his music is always positive, even when I’m mired mentally in its hopelessly weighty themes.”


“From the echoing feedback to the multi-layered vocals, Lenover has created a glimpse into the mindset of the mentally distressed. “